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Cloud Consulting

Organizations today, are realizing the advantages of moving to the cloud. But when it comes to designing, planning, and adopting the same at an enterprise level, there is still a big level of reluctance. The main reason being, the complexities involved in implementation compared to what is viewed as a long-term cost benefit that moves fixed costs to operational costs. The reality though is that cloud offers far more than just cost savings.

However, the first question that comes to your mind while adopting cloud is WHY CLOUD? We have the answer for you.

In today’s scenario, every organizational IT unit is busy doing operational works that consume almost 70% of their time and money and leave them with only 30% of innovation power as far as technology is concerned.

Traditional data center IT issues still exist:

  • Infrastructure Management: Servers, Storage, VMs, Network Sprawl are complex and expensive to manage.
  • Timely Responsiveness: Due to operational overheads, IT staff lacks productivity. They fail to respond and keep up with rapid IT innovations, required for achieving business goals.
  • Underutilization: Resource allocation, as and when needed, to reduce hardware resource wastage leads to underutilization.
  • Multiple Vendors Lock-in: Dependencies on vendors that do not give your IT unit the flexibility to choose on-demand products and services creates vendor lock-in.
  • Inflexibility: IT infrastructure in many companies is inflexible in their design and architecture. Hence, they fail to undergo major changes and transformations.
  • IT Services Availability: With growing demand and spike in prices, the availability of IT services has become scarce.

WHY CloudNonstop?

Cloud brings long-term benefits to your business by improving processes and operational efficiency and bringing significant cost benefits alongside.

CloudNonstop assists you in drawing a roadmap and designing a strategy for cloud adoption handheld with transformation in a seamless, effective manner.

The performance and availability of the cloud can have a dramatic impact on user’s adoption and drive greater revenue. So, when it comes to cloud computing, following questions are needed to be asked:

  • What workloads can be moved to the cloud right away with minimal disruption?
  • Would applications perform as planned after you make the move?
  • How will the cloud adoption impact end users’ experience?
  • How will you maintain control over delivery and performance of your applications?

For all the above questions, CloudNonstop delivers an end-to-end solution to your journey to the cloud. Our proficient cloud experts ensure seamless execution with increased cost savings.

Our Approach

  • Assessment: Detailed assessment of existing Infrastructure.
  • Identify Pain Points: Identification of pain points and challenges in existing Infrastructure.
  • Security Audits: Real-time security audits and monitoring.
  • Choosing the Right Architecture: Setting up the cloud architecture; Private, Public or Hybrid that caters to your critical needs and fits seamlessly into your current IT landscape.
  • Complete Cloud Adoption Management: From designing the strategy with a faceted approach to implementing the cloud with seamless migration and integration.
  • Business Continuity: Establishing effective plans for business continuity. We provide backup, disaster recovery, high availability, and failovers prevention so that your business operates uninterruptedly.
  • Cloud Deployment: We deploy, migrate, and integrate all your workloads and applications with the cloud.


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