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Application Transformation

In the present dynamic business environment businesses require flexible business models, cost efficiencies and business aligned IT but this remains as a desired state because enterprises face challenges like inability to make their existing application ready to meet the requirements of latest technology innovations.

Moreover enterprises are seeing regular increase in the management cost for legacy applications and unavailability of skills to provide support so it become quite natural for them to re-host and re-architect their application portfolio.

With ongoing thrust on cloud adoption the initial roadblock enterprises are witnessing while moving their application workloads to cloud is that most of their applications are not cloud ready.

We at Progressive Infotech work closely with enterprise’s business and technology team to understand the processes so that the processes can be automated and streamlined to work on cloud and after analyzing the plan, strategize and modernized applications are delivered.

CloudNonStop’s team for application modernization for cloud have framed a methodology using industry best practices which involves well defined approach. Cloud readiness assessment, is the first step to know the complete application portfolio and once it’s done the right candidates for application modernization to cloud are identified. The application tools team analyses code to identify, components, and other characteristics of applications and further analysis is conducted by architects and business teams to identify the applications, taking risk, time and value in perspective, which applications can be and should be modernized. While developing the roadmap for cloud enablement suitability and feasibility study is carried out to understand Integration interoperability, security and compliance.



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