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Cloud Integration

In today’s world, to remain competitive, you need to take advantage of cloud technologies by interconnecting your business units and users to achieve a seamless flow of data, optimized business processes and to deliver enhanced customer experience.

This need demands integration of cloud-deployed applications with on-premise applications or applications deployed on different clouds. However, enterprises find it difficult to identify the right approach and have limited access to skill sets for efficient cloud integrations.

Our CloudNonstop empowers a vigilant team of experts who have experience and understanding of traditional middleware, cloud middleware, and cloud APIs needed to help businesses in planning, strategizing and integrating both traditional, as well as, cloud IT infrastructure.

Our cloud integration consultants and engineers assist you in integrating the cloud with your on-premises applications faster and easily through secure, scalable API-based solutions. This helps you in overcoming challenges related to application connectivity, application performance, latency, and cost management.

Our integration approach is based on a framework which is structured using feasible methods, reusable components, industry best practices, and use cases that help in overcoming integration challenges, removing roadblocks in business operations and processes, and delivering the best out of cloud integrations.



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