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Database Migrations

  1. Managed Database Service

Let us manage your databases while you focus on your businesses and value creation. Having in-depth knowledge and expertise in the top database technologies, our database administrators modernize, optimize, and migrate your traditional databases to the cloud. In addition to these, we deliver world-class managed services of database governance & compliance, security & health check, vulnerability assessment, and more.

  1. Re-platforming Database type

For the organizations, on the verge of cloud adoption or the ones new to the cloud, re-platforming of their existing databases may seem intimidating. Offering services as a solution to the whole, we efficiently help organizations upgrade and switch from their traditional database platform to the cloud platform, thereby increasing scalability and productivity. We equally ensure that the existing functionality of your databases is preserved.


Serving parallel to the migration services, our deployment service includes complete installation, configuration, and testing of your all new hardware and software, ensuring that your new systems are running efficiently.

Additionally, our suite of Cloud Workload Migration & Deployment Services includes:

  • Lift and shift Migration Services: When there is no need to make changes to your IT infrastructure and applications, we redeploy by lifting and shifting the existing workloads as-it-is to the cloud.
  • Re–factoring Services: In certain legacy environments when the need arises to modify the existing IT Infrastructure & applications before deploying the same to the cloud, we optimize your IT infrastructure & applications so you can leverage the cloud benefits.
  • Transformation Services: We help in transforming your complete IT landscape by recreating the applications, making them cloud-ready, and helping you leverage the innovations happening in cloud computing to improve productivity and profitability.

The immediate benefits businesses get by engaging with us for their migration activities include:

  • Application, data and IT infrastructure migration is done independently
  • Quick and easy deployment of workloads to help achieve cost savings
  • Simultaneous migration of multiple servers
  • Customized scheduling for operational efficiency
  • Low or no cost environment assessments
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Managing Governance, Risk, and Compliance across different industries


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