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Application Migrations

Migrating a large number of legacy applications to the cloud can be quite nerve-wracking and challenging to organizations due to the complex level of change management required.

Combining our expertise with years of triumphant experience in technology migrations, we help organizations move or migrate their entire application portfolio to the cloud, cost-effectively.

  1. Live Migration

We help you move your running applications from a physical server to the cloud without affecting the availability of these applications to your users. Additionally, we execute the live migration of your applications with minimal business disruption and nearly zero downtime.

  1. Public Cloud Migration

At CloudNonstop, the proficient IT experts securely migrate your existing legacy applications and workloads to the public cloud in the least time possible. We utilize the resources, applications, and storage of top-notch Public Cloud providers ensuring an accelerated and smooth migration of your applications to the cloud. Our Managed Public Cloud Migration follows a systematic approach to;



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